Direct mail (Unaddressed) bleeding line and output guideline(PDF file upload)

You must delete all guidelines / text descriptions on the ai file before output and uploading the pdf file for submission.

A4 file size (210mm x 297mm)

A5 file size (148mm x 210mm)

The provided file needs to have 5 mm bleeding area, indicia and statement.


The indicia must be placed on the right hand top corner of your circular.:

Download Indicia

“No Circular Mail” Opt-out Sticker Scheme and Exemptions

Circular mail will not be delivered to any delivery point labelled with a “No Circular Mail” sticker. Senders must include the following statement in their circulars:

“If you would like to opt out from receiving circular mail, please place a “No Circular Mail” sticker on the letter box. The stickers are freely available at all post offices, Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of District Offices as well as estate management offices of public housing estates and selected private residential developments. However, circular mail posted by the Government and related organisations, Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, election candidates and charitable bodies eligible for tax relief under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance are exempted from this opt-out scheme.”

Please double check the pdf file has included below listed items :

(The uploaded PDF file cannot be modified in the system, and it needs to be uploaded again after any updated. )


Bleeding area

5 mm on each side
background colour or background image



Must be placed on the right hand top corner.

Maximum: 40 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
Minimum: 20 mm (W) x 15 mm (H)



Must include the statement in the circulars.

Why using PDF format ?

File size will be smaller than the original one after converting to PDF format, faster file transfer can now be accomplished (e.g. File size of A1 poster is about 10 MB).

Reliable and Save
Contents of document is consistent with the print out, thus, reduce the risk of file damage in conversion using other design software.

  • PDF contains all fonts, images, colour and data, you don’t need to worry about missing fonts and images in the artwork during the file submission and output process !
  • It won’t be easy to change or modify on PDF format, it’s save to use.
  • The appearance of PDF file has no difference with the original document, it retains the original format, colours, fonts and image. It’s convenient for you to check the proof before printing.

Common and Easy to prepare

Most softwares can be converted to PDF format, such as office softwares or design softwares. PDF is the current mainstream file format in printing. (all RIP support interpretation)

Download PDF AI file 


A4 Size(AI file)

A4 size (210mm x 297mm)

The illustrator(ai file) has included guides for bleeding area, trim and safety specifications. 

A5 size(AI file)

A5 size (148mm x 210mm)

The illustrator(ai file) has included guides for bleeding area, trim and safety specifications.  

How to upload a PDF file

1. Click "Start" to upload the PDF file

2. After selecting the desired PDF files, click "Confirm" to upload the PDF files.


  1. Each file can only fit one page. If you choose double-sided, you have to use two files.
  2. The maximum size of each file is 5M. If the size is too large, please compressed it to be less than 5M, click here to compress PDF.
  3. Each file must be named in English or numbers in order to upload successfully.

3. Click "Save and Preview"

Tips: After uploading the PDF file, this screen will be shown, it’s indicating that the pdf file(s) was uploaded successfully, and the uploaded file name will be shown on the right.

4. Preview and check the uploaded PDF file

Tips:  Please cross check and confirm the DM content and the PDF file must include the Indicia and the statement.

If you need to update the content for the uploaded PDF file, please click “Back to Edit” to upload the PDF file again. 

5. Address Setting

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