Why couldn’t I upload an image?

It may be due to one of the following reasons:
– If you access our application from a corporate intranet or a network with a proxy/firewall, the proxy/firewall settings may block any uploads. It will disturb the proper operation of the system. As we cannot do anything with the settings of company firewalls, please talk to your system administrator to change the settings to permit files to be uploaded to DMDIY (dmdiy.hk). Alternatively, you could switch to a computer with another internet connection.
– Your Internet access line may have been very busy or overloaded at the time of uploading. Please try again later.
– You may have uploaded an image which exceeds the maximum file size limit. Please refer to Q15 on image specifications.
– You may consider updating your browser to a more updated version. Please refer to Q2 on browser versions.

Category: Design of Communication Piece

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