What is the opt-out scheme of Circular Service and who could be exempted from the opt-out scheme?

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Circular mail will not be delivered to any delivery point labelled with a “No Circular Mail” sticker. Senders must include the following statement in their circulars: “If you would like to opt out from receiving circular mail, please place a “No Circular Mail” sticker on the letter box. The stickers are freely available at all post offices, Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of District Offices as well as estate management offices of public housing estates and selected private residential developments. However, circular mail posted by the Government and related organisations, Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, election candidates and charitable bodies eligible for tax relief under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance are exempted from this opt-out scheme.”

Exempted senders could choose to deliver their circular items to all delivery points or those not bearing “No Circular Mail” stickers. If all delivery points are chosen, senders must print “EXEMPT*” beneath the indicia as well as the relevant remarks on the items. Please refer to the service application form for details.

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