What are the terms and notes on printing and production?

Colour Standard of all printed materials should refer to our standard in colour management; Please do not refer to the standard on any monitor, screen or printed manuscript. All RGBs or Spot colours would be converted into CMYK for printing, should there be any variance induced, colour standard of all printed materials should also refer to our standard in colour management as well. Our company and platform will not be responsible for any colour shift dispute due to colour conversion.

We and our platform are not responsible or liable to any customer submitted file that is not matching with customer confirmed requirements, which may include file inconsistency with size / bleeding deficit / colour / cutting size / image resolution inadequate / lacking of fonts, and etc., that result final product varied from customer request.

Should there be any QR code or Barcode printed on the manuscript, we cannot guarantee that the information in the barcode can be read normally.

All printing of color do exist color variance to certain extent. Customer should not use this as reason and ask for any reprints, discount or refund. We and our platform will not accept those requests. We have our own color management to ensure that all printing colors are within reasonable levels.

Category: Direct Mail

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