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Design of Communication Piece

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Putting QR code on DM

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Why should I use Direct Marketing (DM) DIY?

You can use DMDIY to both win new customers and retain existing customers. The platform lets you send direct mails, emails and create a campaign site / web landing page, etc. whenever you like. Simply select the appropriate channels, templates / formats and design your own communication piece from your desktop.

What are the technical requirements for my computer system?

All you need is a computer with Internet access and an up-to-date Internet browser.
For best performance, we recommend you use the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to run DMDIY.
If you could not install or update your browser to the latest version, you could still download a portable version of latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox here:http://portableapps.com/apps/internet

For basic browser requirements, please see below information:
PC: Google Chrome 11+, Firefox 5+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 7.0+*
Mac: Google Chrome 11+, Firefox 5+, Safari 5+

*Please note that Internet Explorer 7.0 or above is supported to run DMDIY. However, you may encounter slow response and improper display of PNG images in Internet Explorer. However, this would not affect the output quality of your marketing materials.

Adobe Flash plug-in is not required to run DMDIY.

I’m having difficulty with the application. What can I do?

We are happy to help you create your communication piece with our DIY tools. You could refer to the instructions and answers to the frequently asked questions. If you have any other technical questions or need tailor-made services, you could contact our business partner, Mybee Technology Limited at 3105 3632.

How can I contact the Customer Service?

You can reach our Customer Service Officer at 3105 3632. Alternatively, you can email us your question through the contact form. We shall reply you as soon as possible.

How do I register for an account?

You can register at www.dmdiy.com.hk by providing basic information here.

Do I have to pay for registration?

It is free to register for an account.

Our company doesn’t have any IT staff or programmer, can I use Direct Marketing DIY?

No problem, using DMDIY is as simple as using Microsoft Word. The online platform is designed to provide you a fast and hassle-free way to create a communication campaign without the requirement for technical expertise, installation or coding.

What are the service charges?

You could find the prices for DMDIY here. You only have to make payment after you have used the interactive design tools to create the design and artwork of your communication piece, and confirm the order payment.

Quick Start Guide

Detail inforamtion for :

  • DM type
  • Paper type
  • Mailing
  • Produciton lead time
  • Pricing list

Log in

The email account can’t be change and update !

Please cross check and confim before doing the registation.

Log in / Password (Member Registration)

I forgot my login password, how can I get help?

Just click on “Forgot your Password” link and follow the instructions to receive your password.

Can I change my log-in name?

No, the system does not allow changing of log-in name

I am already a registered user of the Hongkong Post Circular Service, do I have to register for this DMDIY platform?

Yes, you still have to register for the DMDIY platform to access the services.

Can I change my password?

Please contact our business partner, Mybee Technology Limited at 3105 3632 for assist.

Can I change/update my account details?

Yes, you can change/update your account details after logging into your control panel.

Do I have to sign in to make an order?

Yes, you are required to register for a user account in order to purchase at our website.

Design of Communication Piece

Where should I put the postmark (permit logo) or posting indicia of Hongkong Post Circular Service on the DM piece?

The postmark or posting indicia will be placed by default at the top right hand corner of the front side of the DM piece.

What images can I use?

You can use any image as long as it does not violate the terms and conditions of DMDIY.hk. It is important that you do not use any misleading images, or images for which you do not own the necessary intellectual property rights. Illegal or indecent images will not be accepted.

Can I use my existing logo, photographs, and artworks with this service?

You can use the “My Image” function to upload and insert your logos and photos in the DM Editor. If you have your own direct mail artwork, you can upload and insert it using the “Background” function for further editing in the DM Editor.

Why is part of the image on the direct mail being cut off?

As a few millimetres of the image close to the edge of the mail may be cropped by the paper cutting machine after printing, there is a safety margin area to avoid the appearance of white gap. We recommend that you avoid placing important parts of your message and images too close to the edge. You are also reminded to always print a copy of the mail for review before confirmation for submission.

Can I use or adapt the design of a previous campaign done in the platform?

Yes, you can make use of the “Copy” function to copy your previous artwork for modifying to a new one.

Why can’t I can’t upload my own files into the image folder?

First, check the file format. You can include images in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format. Our application does not support images or text saved in PDF or Word files. Then check the size of the image file. The maximum file size the system can support is 5 MB.

Why couldn’t I upload an image?

It may be due to one of the following reasons:
– If you access our application from a corporate intranet or a network with a proxy/firewall, the proxy/firewall settings may block any uploads. It will disturb the proper operation of the system. As we cannot do anything with the settings of company firewalls, please talk to your system administrator to change the settings to permit files to be uploaded to DMDIY (dmdiy.hk). Alternatively, you could switch to a computer with another internet connection.
– Your Internet access line may have been very busy or overloaded at the time of uploading. Please try again later.
– You may have uploaded an image which exceeds the maximum file size limit. Please refer to Q15 on image specifications.
– You may consider updating your browser to a more updated version. Please refer to Q2 on browser versions.

Are there any requirements on the resolution of the images upload to the system?

The higher the resolution of the image, the better the printing quality of the direct mail . We recommend an image in 72 dpi resolution of 2599 x 1878 pixels for an A5 postcard and in 72 dpi resolution of 2598 x 3626 pixels for an A4 Flyer. If you can’t obtain the image in high resolution, please reduce the size of the image.

What do RGB and CMYK mean( only apply to JPG format)?

CMYK is a color model used in color printing, while RGB is a color model used for display images in computers and digital cameras. Please upload images to DMDIY in RGB format. DMDIY would handle the printing process without requiring the images in CMYK format. (Note: There are many RGB colors that CMYK printers cannot reproduce. Something that looks good in the monitor may not retain the same quality in the printed piece. Our system will convert it to CMYK for printing. Subject to the quality of your artwork, the exact colors between the two color models might be different.)

How do I delete images from my account?

To remove images from the image folder, please click on the “bin” icon at the top right corner and select the “delete” icon at the top right corner of the selected image.

How can I upload text prepared as a graphic?

Please save it as a .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG file. Then upload the file as an image and insert it over onto the card / leaflet.

If I don’t have any images and graphic, can I use this service?

There are a variety of free or payable images and graphics available at DMDIY that you can select to be inserted to your promotional materials.

Why aren’t there more fonts available?

DMDIY provides some basic English and Chinese fonts for you to choose to format your text content. If you need to create artistic text content with other fonts, you could create them with your computer’s graphical software first and save it as an image and upload to DMDIY for use.

How do I edit the text?

Double-click on the Title or Body Text box, or choose the Edit icon on the right side next to the Title or Body Text box. The Edit dialog box will be opened and you can then edit the text again. The usual functions as in Microsoft Word are available here.

How do I input text to my communication piece?

There are two functional icons related to text editing: “Title” and “Body Text”. To insert titles, headlines, slogans, etc, use “Title”. To insert body text or paragraph contents, use “Body Text”. Just drag and drop the appropriate icon(s) to the editing area. To enable you greater design freedom, you can insert several Titles and Body Texts over one another for making the material.

How can I create dotted lines for the coupon on my DM to indicate cutting out?

You could create text boxes and edit the setting of the text box with different border options. There are different dotted lines options for choice. Similar setting is available for images.

How can I add a map image on my DM? Do I need to draw a map or submit the map image by myself?

There is a Map function icon for you to insert a map to the DM piece. You can insert a Google Map for free, or request us to draw a tailor-made map for you at a reasonable price. You can find the tailor-made map order form in the create map section. For more information, please contact our business partner, Mybee Technology Limited at 3105 3632.

Why are special characters printed as question marks?

Problems like this may occur if you copy over text from Microsoft Word. Word does not correctly convert punctuation marks. For this reason you should either type the text directly into the text boxes, or save your Word text in Notepad or another text editor first.

Why can’t I select templates and/or use them properly?

Make sure that JavaScript is activated in your browser. The application requires JavaScript to execute various functions properly. If it still doesn’t work, please try to download an up-to-date browser. Please refer to Q2 about browser versions.

On the DM editing panel, what does the Green line represent? What will happen if my design is beyond the boundary of the Green line?

These are the boundary space in which content slightly beyond that area may or may not be printed in the actual material. You are recommended not to place important parts of your messages and image outside that boundary space. To play safe, please fill in background colour or image to avoid the appearance of white areas.

Download our ai template

The files all contain an Illustrator (*.ai) file, with delivery marks, declarations, bleeding positions, clipping positions, and specifications guidelines.

Unaddressed / Addressed Direct Mail

  • Select the appropriate design template for inserting your product image, illustrative text and company logo, you can create a direct mail tailored to your need. Alternatively, you may upload your own artwork design for production.
  • Select the distribution list of Hongkong Post Circular Service or upload your contact list for sending addressed direct mail.


Direct Mail

What are the difference between unaddressed DM and addressed DM?

Unaddressed DM refers to Hongkong Post Circular Service. It is a geographically targeted medium to get your promotional messages across to potential customer segments, both residential and commercial, without the need for address labeling. Addressed DM refers to sending of mails to addressees of your customer database or rental mailing addresses.

Is there a minimum order quantity for DM?

Yes, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 items for unaddressed DM (ie. Hongkong Post Circular Service) and 2,000 items for addressed DM.

When will the direct mail be delivered?

The normal print production lead time is from 3 to 5 working days for unaddressed mail and 6 to 9 working days for addressed mail, depending on the mail volume of the order and the prevailing production capacity. You will receive email confirmation on the expected posting schedule after successful payment. For addressed mail, items sent under Bulk Ordinary mail follows the same delivery standard of ordinary local mail charging by principal postage. Please click here for details. Items sent under Bulk Economy mail will be delivered within three working days after posting. For unaddressed mail, the delivery time will be within 4 working days after posting.

What happens if the addressed mails are undelivered?

If you put a return address on the mails, any undelivered mails will be returned to the sender. If no sender’s address is included, the mail will be destroyed.

Do I have to seek approval from Hongkong Post on the design and content of my DM? How long does it take?

Yes, you could submit the artwork of the DM piece through DMDIY for our approval according to the respective terms and conditions of the service. It normally takes 1-2 working days to receive an email confirmation on your submission. You must get approval on the artwork of DM prior to payment.

What are the size formats available for direct mail?

Our direct mail service is currently available in A5 size postcard, A5 or A4 size leaflet, in either portrait or landscape format.

Can I stop the printing of direct mail after confirming the order?

As soon as the payment has been made and the mails have gone for production, you can no longer stop the printing.

What can I do if I need to do other size format or envelope?

For sizes other than the standard formats available in the platform (including the need to include enclosures or produce multiple inserts in a single mailing), you could contact us at 3105 3632 for arranging tailor-made service.

Can I use the downloaded pdf file for mass printing?

The resolution of the downloaded pdf file is for preview only. The file will carry the “preview” watermark on it and in low resolution. It is not suitable for mass printing. You are also not allowed to do so according to the terms and conditions.

What is the opt-out scheme of Circular Service and who could be exempted from the opt-out scheme?

Circular mail will not be delivered to any delivery point labelled with a “No Circular Mail” sticker. Senders must include the following statement in their circulars: “If you would like to opt out from receiving circular mail, please place a “No Circular Mail” sticker on the letter box. The stickers are freely available at all post offices, Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of District Offices as well as estate management offices of public housing estates and selected private residential developments. However, circular mail posted by the Government and related organisations, Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, election candidates and charitable bodies eligible for tax relief under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance are exempted from this opt-out scheme.”

Exempted senders could choose to deliver their circular items to all delivery points or those not bearing “No Circular Mail” stickers. If all delivery points are chosen, senders must print “EXEMPT*” beneath the indicia as well as the relevant remarks on the items. Please refer to the service application form for details.

For addressed DM delivery, what is the difference between Bulk Ordinary and Bulk Economy mail?

Items sent under Bulk Ordinary mail follows the same delivery standard of ordinary local mail charging by principal postage. Please click here for details. Items sent under Bulk Economy mail will be delivered within three working days after posting. Please note the above lead time does not include the time required for DM approval and printing. Please refer to Q47 below for the associated lead time reference.

Why is there a standard permit number appear at the top right hand corner of the addressed mail? Can I use my own permit number?

The standard permit number on the addressed mail is for customers using DMDIY.hk for producing their direct mail. It serves as proof for postage paid. You cannot use your own permit number in this platform.

When shall I have to use adhesive tape for closing the edges of my direct mail?

If there are open edges on your direct mail (addressed), you must apply adhesive tapes on each side of the open edges. This is to avoid the mail entangled with other mails during processing.

Can I order extra DM pieces for other/future usage?

I’m afraid not. You have to order the exact DM quantities according to the selected distribution units of Hongkong Post Circular Service (unaddressed) or the quantity of customer list you upload to the system for sending mails.

What is the expiry period for the uploaded pdf file(s) ?

The uploaded files will only be retained for a maximum of 6 weeks, and the system will periodically check and delete them. If the retention period of the file has passed, the file needs to be uploaded again.

What are the terms and notes on printing and production?

Colour Standard of all printed materials should refer to our standard in colour management; Please do not refer to the standard on any monitor, screen or printed manuscript. All RGBs or Spot colours would be converted into CMYK for printing, should there be any variance induced, colour standard of all printed materials should also refer to our standard in colour management as well. Our company and platform will not be responsible for any colour shift dispute due to colour conversion.

We and our platform are not responsible or liable to any customer submitted file that is not matching with customer confirmed requirements, which may include file inconsistency with size / bleeding deficit / colour / cutting size / image resolution inadequate / lacking of fonts, and etc., that result final product varied from customer request.

Should there be any QR code or Barcode printed on the manuscript, we cannot guarantee that the information in the barcode can be read normally.

All printing of color do exist color variance to certain extent. Customer should not use this as reason and ask for any reprints, discount or refund. We and our platform will not accept those requests. We have our own color management to ensure that all printing colors are within reasonable levels.

Can I send my DM to overseas addresses?

No, you cannot send DM to overseas addresses using this platform.


What file formats can I use for uploading addresses?

Our application accepts address files in CSV format. The address files should be structured as per this format. CSV files could be opened and edited in Google Docs spreadsheet and OpenOffice Calc.

What happens to the uploaded address data?

The protection and security of your data forms the foundation of the service. We guarantee reliable and high standard of data protection. Hongkong Post does not sell or rent addresses to third parties.

What happens if my data list includes an address outside Hong Kong?

If your data list includes a non-HK address it will not be delivered but you will still be charged for the printing and local postage rate.

Putting QR code on DM

How can I add a QR code on my DM?

Please use the QR code functional icon to insert a new or existing QR code. You can click on the “create QR code” icon to create a new QR code or go to the “create QR code” function under the “My Project” section to manage your existing QR code.

Can I put two or three QR codes on one DM?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of QR codes to be inserted into the DM piece. However, QR codes cannot be overlaid by other images or text.

Can I add my logo in the QR code?

Sure, you can insert your logo or other image to the QR code.

How can I make my QR code more attractive and outstanding?

The easiest way to add branding power to your QR code is by adding color to it. Your QR code does not have to be standard black and white to facilitate scanning. You can use our color chart to change the color of your QR code. You can also insert your company logo or other image in the QR code.

How can I effectively make use of the QR code?

You can put the QR code in your DM or eDM so that customers can be connected to your additional marketing messages through channels such as web campaign site/landing page, text message or video, etc.

How can I read a QR code from my mobile phone? Should I install a mobile application or software?

It is the common practice to pre-install a QR code reader in modern smartphones. Alternatively, there are free QR code reader applications for download in the market. You could search by “QR code reader” in the Internet to find it.

What are the benefits for ordering the QR code from DMDIY?

You are entitled to a comprehensive report monitoring the traffic statistics and source of traffic for ordering QR code from DMDIY. Once you place the order, the QR code will be valid for one year. You could use the QR code on any promotion programs during the validity period. We shall send you a reminder for renewal a month prior to the expiry date.

Campaign Site / Web Landing Page

Does Hongkong Post provide any web design service?

Hongkong Post does not provide any web design service. Should you need tailor-made web design service, please contact our business partner, Mybee Technology Limited at 3103 3633.

Can I schedule my campaign launch day?

Yes, you can schedule your campaign launch day after you have made the full payment.

Can I stop my campaign site anytime?

You could stop your campaign site and resume it within the paid period. (Note: The expiry date of the campaign will remain the same as originally ordered even if you have inactivated the campaign for a while or the whole period.)

Can I revise the campaign content after it has been launched?

You could revise the image and text content, create new pages or remove existing pages after the campaign site has been launched. You could add new functions to your campaign site afterwards too. However, you cannot amend any online form that has been launched.

How can I use the campaign site / web landing page?

Just a few steps, you could create and run a campaign site / web landing page with an online response capture form, forward to friend function, simple mini games (coming soon), photo gallery, youtube video feature (coming soon), coupon giveaways, etc.

How can I promote my campaign site with eDM ?

You can always create an eDM and hyperlink to drive traffic to your campaign site.

How can I check the response data collected from the campaign site?

Please visit the “Report” section and select the report corresponding to campaign site.

What are the benefits of doing promotion with a campaign site / web landing page?

A dedicated web landing page works effectively with direct mail and email promotions. According to research, 50% online users like to enter contests and lucky draw once a month. You could use the landing page to run different contests and promotions (e.g. coupon giveaways, luck draw, free sample trial registration…etc) that could generate numerous market leads. Please be reminded to apply for a Trade Promotion Competition License from the Office of the Licensing Authority under Home Affairs Department for running lucky draw promotions.

How can I check my campaign site result?

Please visit the “My Report” section and select the report corresponding to campaign site.

How can I make a landing page?

You could use the Campaign Site editor to create a landing page.

How can I export the campaign report? What is the format?

There are export functions next to each report for download in CSV format. You could open CSV files by Microsoft Excel.

Can I upload a design image (print ad) to my campaign site?

Our Campaign site editor is similar to that of Our DM Editor. As long as you could create a DM from our DM Editor, you should easily create a Campaign Site by using the Campaign Site Editor.

If I create a DM piece in the platform, can I adapt the same design to eDM or campaign site?


How can I create a response form?

Please use the Form functional icon to create a new form.

How can I use the design tools?

Please drag and drop the functional icons at the bottom of the editor to the editing area for inserting items into the Campaign Site.

What the difference between background and image function?

A background image would always stay at the background of the campaign site. You could use background function for layout decoration or tile the background as repeating pattern. The image function is for information display. You could drag and drop the functional icon to any position within the layout of the DM.

What can I do with the selected background image? Can I add function on top of the selected background image?

Background image allows you to start to create a Campaign Site with pre-defined layouts and look and feel. You could further modify and insert more items and functions according to your need.

How can I set up the facebook / weibo / twitter / google+ setting?

There are social media setting for each campaign site for you to setup different social media service settings.

Can I promote my campaign site with facebook/ weibo / twitter / google+?

For customized online promotion and web design service, please contact our business partner, Mybee Technology Limited at 3103 3632.

Can my web landing page be shared by Facebook?

Yes, ‘Facebook share’ function is a built-in feature of our platform. It means visitors could share your landing page information in their Facebook wall and like your Fan page.

How can I get the response data captured through the web landing page?

Every campaign will have a separate online report which presents the captured response data provided by your visitors and the page view information of your landing page. The online report is a free value-added service.

Order Placement and Payment

How can I change or cancel the content of my DM order?

Before you make payment, you may contact our customer service hotline 3105 3632 if you want to change or cancel the content of your order after submitting it. However, if the payment of the order has been processed, any changes or cancellation of the order will not be accepted.

Can I arrange refund after making payment?

As payment will only be made after you have finalized the design of the marketing piece using our DIY interactive tools, no refund is allowed after payment.

How can I place an order?

After you have finished creating your work, it will be added to “My cart” section automatically. Simply check out your shopping cart to place an order.

Will I have a receipt for my order paid?

You will receive a Payment Confirmation email upon completion of the online payment. For payment made at post office counters, you’ll receive a payment receipt for record.

How do I pay for the selected service(s)?

You can pay for most of the service(s) online or visiting any post office counters to make payment. However, order involving addressed mail must be paid at post office counters.

Which online payment methods would PayPal accept for DMDIY?

We accept your online payment by Visa, Master Card and UnionPay via PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you could pay with your Paypal credit. There will be a commission charge of 1% of the payment amount made by Paypal. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you could register here. (Please note that PayPal is a tentative payment option in the initial launch of the service. We shall replace it with other online payment method soon.)

How should I pay at post office counter?

You can choose to pay at any of our post office counters Simply bring along the invoice generated from the DMDIY system and visit any post office for making payment via cash, EPS, cheque or cashier order (applicable for Hongkong Post Circular Service only). For cheque payment, you are required to make prior arrangement with the Hongkong Post Financial Services Division by telephone on 2921 2244. For cashier order payment, it is only applicable for the unaddressed DM order. Note: Cheque and cashier order  should be payable to “Postmaster General”.

How can I create my account?

Simply click on the getting start banner in thehome page or go to the member page for registration.

How can I go to my Control Panel?

Once you login your account, you will be redirected to the Control Panel.

How can I manage my services?

Please go to My Project section to manage the projects you have created, or create a new project.

How can I check my order history/record?

After logging into your control panel, you can click on “My order” button on the menu bar to check all you order details.

Why didn’t I receive the Payment Confirmation email after completing the online transaction?

Our email confirmation sent through the system may be treated as spam by your server. Please check your spam folder of your inbox system. To ensure our emails arrive in your inbox, please add [ *@dmdiy.hk ] to your contact list.

Please note that the transaction process may take about 2 working days. The Payment Confirmation email will be sent after we have confirmed the payment data from the system. Please wait for a couple of days before contacting our customer service. *If you do not receive the email after 3 working days upon payment made, please contact our customer service at contact us.


What is eDM? How does it work?

Email marketing sends emails to customers or prospects for precise targeting and fast response promotion. Simply provide us with your requirements and reference of promotion material, we could help you design the eDM, check the content and list hygiene to ensure high deliverable rate, send emails to email list and provide you with campaign tracking reports.

Will you provide any email list?

No, we don’t have any email database at this moment.

What is the production lead time?

It takes around 3 to 4 working days.

Is there any minimum order for doing eDM?

Yes, the minimum package rate is $2,500 for sending 3,000 eDMs with design and production.

How to place an order?

Simply call us on (+852) 3105 3632 for placing an order.

Does DMDIY provide eDM design service?

Yes, we will provide eDM design service.

What do I have to prepare for the eDM marketing campaign?

You need to have your own email list, email content and artwork of promotion leaflet for our reference of designing the eDM.

Can I use the same design as per my DM?

Yes, just send us your DM design in ai, psd or pdf file,we will adopt the design to the eDM for you.

Can I use my own sender’s name and email address?

Yes, just provide us the sender’s name and email address for applying to your eDM.

How do I know all the emails have been sent?

You can log into the “report” section of the system to view the email sending status.

What kind of file format of the email list we have to provide?

Please download the email list format here.

How can I submit the material?

You could send us the materials via email

Can I add hyperlink(s) in the eDM?

Yes, you can add hyperlink(s) to landing page(s) in the eDM.

Can I stop the blasting of email after confirming the order?

Yes, you can contact us to stop the email blasting.

Can I schedule the eDM sending day and time?

Sure, you can schedule the eDM sending day and time as you like.

How can I check the open rate of the email?

You can log into the “report” section of the system to view the open rate of sent email.

Can I personalize my email messages?

Yes, every email can be personalized for your contacts. You can use information about your customers to target the right people with the right message.

How can I make a landing page?

You can use our campaign site service to create the landing page.

When will I receive the statistics report of my email campaign?

You can check the real time report in the system once your email campaign has been launched.

Can I add more than one hyperlink in the eDM?


What kind of statistics will be included in the report?

You can login to the “report” section of the system for checking statistics such as open rate, click rate, no. of unsubscription, no. of bounced, no. of click for landing url, total recipients and successful deliveries.

DM Budget Calculate (ENG)



Technical Support

3105 3632

(Mon to Fri 週一至週五 11:00-16:00)