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DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion

What is DM DIY?

DM DIY stands for Direct Marketing Do-It-Yourself. is an online platform launched by Hongkong Post that gives businesses the ability to plan, create, produce and distribute Direct Mail, eDM and Web Campaigns from the comfort of home or office. The platform is powered by Mybee Technology Limited & Megaseen Limited.

Multi-channel marketing is currently a hot trend. Direct mail, email and web promotions can dramatically increase returns on your marketing dollar. This online tool enables you to launch marketing programs through more than one channel, and take advantage of the “multiplier effect”.

How does work?

From the comfort and convenience of your workplace, you can use our online design tools to create customized promotional pieces that match your specific marketing needs. Choose from different marketing channels – including direct mail, email, and web landing page/campaign site to create your promotional programs, selecting from a wide variety of design templates and stock photos. You also have the flexibility to create your own design, or upload your own photos and company logo. It’s easy! Simply choose the appropriate template, then insert your own images and text to create a marketing piece tailored to your individual needs.

You only need to confirm your order and make payment once you’re happy with the design of the marketing piece. If you are using the direct mail service, we ask you to submit your finished work for approval* prior to payment.

* Approval of DM content is based on the relevant terms and conditions of the service.

What about targeting lists?

For unaddressed direct mail, simply select your preferred target areas from the distribution list provided by the Hongkong Post Circular Service. For addressed direct mail and email promotions, you just need to upload your contact list (in MS Excel format) to the secured platform according to the file format required to send your message.

Learn more about our pricing or simply start creating a direct marketing program now.

For more information about DM DIY, please call our hotline at 3105 3632.

8000pcs DM + Data Collection Web Page


  • 8000pcs of printing and postage
  • Designed landing page with real time online report
  • 3 Fields form and 1 QA with data collection
  • Google map
  • Designed QR code
  • 30 days hosting service

DM Service

DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion

Direct Mail

Two basic factors affect the price of your direct mail campaign: format and delivery type. The minimum posting quantity is 1,000 items for the unaddressed Hongkong Post Circular Service and 2,000 items for the addressed bulk mail.

Your format choices are:


  • Recycled art card of 220 gm in A5 only
  • Regular art card of 260 gm in A5 only


  • Recycled art paper of 130 gsm  in A4/A5
  • Regular art paper of 128 gsm in A4/A5

Your delivery choices are:

Addressed Mail

Upload your own customer contact list in the required CSV format.

Unaddressed Mail

Use the Hongkong Post Circular Service distribution database to select the target address list for sending your mails.

Addressed Mail

Delivery standard – Bulk Ordinary or Bulk Economy

The delivery standard of Bulk Ordinary mail follows the same delivery standard of ordinary local mail charging by principal postage. Please click here for details. Bulk Economy mail will be delivered within three working days after posting. .

Leaflet Design and Printing Only (no postal delivery)

You may also choose to design and print your promotion materials at the DMDIY platform without posting the items through the postal channel. For enquiries, please call 3105 3632.

Addressed DM will be distributed to your provided mailing addresses. The service does not include checking of addresses. Please ensure the quality of the addresses are good for delivery. 

eDM Service

DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion

Fast response

Email marketing supports targeting and rapid-response campaigns. At the same time, you could closely monitor responses to your marketing campaigns with sophisticated tracking tools.


You could produce an eDM at a relatively low cost within a short time frame to capture newly arise market opportunities or promote a limited time special offer.

Highly Personalized

You could easily speak to your customers in a very personalized manner to build better customer relationship and long-term bonding. You are also able to segment messages by your customers’ uniqueness and preference to develop targeted messages for ultimate results.

Measurable results

Useful tracking statistics to analyse campaign results (e.g. delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and un-subscription rate.)

Combines well with other channels

Email marketing combines well with other channels particularly direct mails for driving campaign results.


e-mail :

 Other Useful Features of Our Email Marketing Services


Desktop and mobile user-friendly version eDM support


Support traditional / simplifed Chinese / English

SNSSNS sharing (facebook, twitter, weibo)



Pre-set mailing time (automated delivery system)


Broadcast through properitary SMTP relay – reduces risk to be blacklisted


Personalize email messages / mail merge

 List management

DetectionDetection of duplicated email addresses before

VerificationVerification of email addresses and domain names

Opt-out-listOpt-out list management


reportingeDM real time analysis report (delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and un-subscription rate, etc.)

Campaign Landing Page

DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion

Campaign Landing Page

Not every business has its own in-house web design team, but many businesses would love to launch dedicated marketing campaigns to generate market leads and raise their brand image. allows you to create a campaign site using either your own graphic design or one of our professionally designed templates, and then add functionality using simple drag-and-drop options.

Tailored Campaign Site Creation is practical, flexible and easy to use. You simply drag and drop images to tailor the look, images and functionality of the campaign site. Each basic campaign site includes three pages where you can place selected images and text messages, along with a built-in online registration form and a ‘Forward to Friends’ function. There is also an option to add an additional page with a pre-designed game.

Data Collection

If you need to collect specific customer data, you can customize an online form to capture information about customers. You can also run a real-time online report to retrieve the data collected. The data can be downloaded in MS Excel format for easy management and analysis.

Raise Brand Awareness

To raise your brand profile you have the option of distributing coupons, and you can monitor the number of coupons that have been downloaded or printed out. You can also view the number of page visits, the number of users playing your game, and the levels of interactivity or user engagement.

Viral Marketing

A great way of spreading your brand message is by using’s ‘Forward to Friends’ function. One promotion tactic is to offer a coupon to anyone who forwards the campaign site to their friends. You have access to an online report that shows both the sender’s and the recipient’s name and email. Recipients can also share the campaign site on Facebook, and become a ‘fan’.

QR Code

DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion

QR code

Standard QR code

You could reinforce your branding with a unique QR code design. Simply click on the “upload” button to insert your company logo or other special image into the QR code.

Colored QR code

You can choose from over 10 selected colors to tailor the design of your QR code.

Real-time traffic report

You can generate a real-time online report to monitor the traffic visit of your QR code. The report can be downloaded in MS Excel format for your easy analysis.

Link to

You can link your QR code to a specific landing page, text or contact details.


DMDIY Multi-channel Promotion


Standard Google Map

Follow a few easy steps to indicate your address location map in your DM, eDM and web campaign site with the google map service. The service is free!


If you want your address location map to look special, just follow a few easy steps to select the preferred brushwork style and location/land mark icons. We shall customize the map design for you. The service is available at $800.